I am a user experience researcher that advocates for digital accessibility.

With a background in interaction design, I understand that the perfect user interface should look good, but I believe that it should work even better. Let’s be honest, no matter how good your design is, a poor experience will undoubtedly create a negative perception. I strive to uncover usability problems through various UX research methods in order to create more engaging experiences.

I’m passionate about UX research because I’m insatiably curious. UX research, as a practice, focuses on empathy, collaboration and allows me to approach problems creatively and constructively in a flexible and adaptive way.

I have a particular interest in digital accessibility, and I’m a strong advocate that accessibility starts with design and is the driving force behind creating better, more inclusive experiences for all.


  • User Experience Certification, UX Management Specialty (in progress)
  • Assistive Technology Certification (2018)
  • Master of Science (M.S) Interaction Design and Information Architecture (2018)
  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A) Graphic Design, with a Minor in Web Design (2010)